Cobblestone Life

{November 20, 2008}   From James Bond Weekend

The new James Bondwas awful.  Amazingly, head-shakingly bad.  Less nauseating than the Borne movies, but no story and no skin just 3 minutes of talking and then another action sequence.  Daniel Craig‘s stunt guy is good at running on ledges so he did that a lot.  The characters all had color names Mr. White, Mr. Green which could have been like Reservoir Dogsbut instead felt like Clue.  I was just waiting for Miss Scarlet to show up in the library with a candlestick.  ARGH.  I’ve been looking forward to this movie since they rolled the credits on the last one, but I kept in mind that Bond is not normally a good piece of film making but a fun way to kill a couple of hours.  Alas.  Not this time.


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