Cobblestone Life

{November 14, 2008}   ED

Most of my trips to the ED have been because a better / more cost-effective choice was closed.  Same with last night.  I had talked to JC’s doctor’s office and they said do X at one temperature and Y {aka the ED} at another.  Then called back and said, “just call us if it gets to X”.  Ok, no problem, especially since what I was looking for was some sort of idea about when an infant temperature escalates to OMG status.

At 1a, Mister takes a diaper / temp shift because I hadn’t slept much yet in the night.  The next thing I heard was, “get dressed” because we had slept through X and gotten straight to Y.  Damn.  Ok.  Called to doctor’s office who sent us to the ED.  We got good care and good advice, and we watched JC’s fever break because by the time we got through with the trip he was back to normal.

Mister has a tough time with the cost and behavior of medical professionals, but overall he was ok with this trip.  Still, neither of us liked watching JC get cath’d TWICE to check for a UTI.  The only downside to the whole night was, “I see the problem, JC isn’t circumcised”.  I know what the RN *wanted* to say was, “I see why this is tougher than usual” but it just came out.  WRONG.  Ah well.  Overall, a very good experience.


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