Cobblestone Life

{November 7, 2008}   With this ring …

My first marriage involved a lot of jewelry. His second gift to me while dating was a ring, as were most other gifts as we dated. We had necklaces that we wore when we slept apart, he bought an engagement-period ring for him and identical wedding rings {down to the size}. In 5 years of marriage I can count the number of times the ring came off with one hand. When his trips to the hospital were too numerous or too spontaneous I would wear both of our wedding bands stacked on my finger. Our sleep-apart necklaces were cremated with him. When I was ready to take my own wedding ring off I did, but wore his on my right hand for months.

The jewelry of this marriage is much different. I got a small diamond necklace for our engagement that I picked out online and watched him buy. It was delivered to me on our way out the door to see the plastic body museum exhibit. My wedding ring was a hunt through antique stores that I did on my own. Mister has never been a fan of rings so eventually he selected a bracelet to wear. The bracelet chipped after a few months, the pregnancy eventually had the ring off my finger and honestly, I haven’t been terribly inclined to put it back on.

Monday I replaced my pretty, antique, lily ring with a simple band. I wore it out of the store with less WOW! Than a kid wearing the new shoes that will make her FASTER THAN ANYBODY! I told Mister about it after the fact, and he wondered aloud if I wanted him to look into something similar. I struggled with how to tell him that I didn’t care one way or the other. Is it resignation, evolution, appreciation? I don’t know, but somehow it still makes me sad.


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