Cobblestone Life

{November 3, 2008}   Part of the big sound

I perform with a local chorus and we started rehearsal yesterday for the holiday concert {oh heck, the Christmas concert, who am I kidding}.  In school I was a band geek {french horn!}, a theatre person, and in college a dancer {modern, not nekkid}.  I did sing in high school but I’ve never seen it as a strength of mine, still don’t actually.

Still, this group will rehearse 5 times total {one more than last year} and then BAM!  Get all dressed up and belt out these beautiful, complicated, chill-inspiring songs for our city.  I love standing in the middle of these strangers while we each contribute to the big sound.  Soaring sopranos, grounding basses, the amazing sound of tenors, and me in the altos – with the melody TWICE this year.  How great is that?

Christmas has gotten complicated for me over time, when and how and with who?  What the celebration could/should be without a Christian faith at the base of it, and now what will we do in the upcoming years now that JC will need to not only understand our Christmas, but everybody else’s too.  Still, to hit those chords and get the chills of classic Christmas music is wonderful.


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