Cobblestone Life

{October 24, 2008}   It’s good – but wow.

I’ve been back at work for a week now, and I am having a great time being back – I really do love my job.

The chore list is insurmountable these days and I do not see an end in site.  Mister and I just had our first conversation this week where JC was in a different room.  We’re tired and a little irritated at the the ‘stuff’.  A nice drink, a nice meal, it would all be nice if only it was as lazy as it was 3 months ago.  I have a different understanding of, “I can’t even remember when he wasn’t here”.  There are moments where it feels a touch more like, “I can’t think about when he wasn’t here”.

JC smiles and plays now which is really great fun.  He also gets bored which is a little difficult to distinguish from hungry, uncomfortable, gassy because they are all just … loud.

We killed the tv in the house and it was such a good thing to do.  I’m reading again, some crap and some brain stuff.  I tell JC about the non-fiction stuff as we get ready in the morning but he doesn’t seem to have an interest yet.  At least he laughs when I sing the three verses of the alphabet song – and that is a good thing.


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