Cobblestone Life

{October 16, 2008}   So far so good…

I am very lucky.  Mister understands that right now my priorities are 1.  Taking care of JC, 2.  Taking care of myself, 3.  WORK!,  4.  Mister.  Now, that doesn’t mean that Mister totally gets the shaft, but it does mean that when JC decided to go to bed at 8p last night that I did too because it takes care of numbers 1,2, & 3.  I hope that as I get into the swing of this that I get to have a grown-up bedtime again but depression follows fast on the heals of unrelentingly tired and Mister {happily} would rather not see that part of me again for awhile.

It is wonderful to be back at work.  It is tough to know how to answer the statement, “It must be hard to leave.” because, yeah, it is, sort of.  I love munching on baby cheeks and singing the three verses of the alphabet song {letter, sounds, signs}.  Also, I love my job like a crazy lady!  Also, I don’t care for the amount of screaming in my face that I sometimes got in the 8 weeks I was home.  So yeah, it was tough, but he is well taken care of and a happy woman can create a happy mom/wife in ways that an unhappy woman cannot.

Right now, I am happy.


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